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Being Happy


Happiness is within, feeling it in each moment of our life is a gift that we all have. Traumas, fears, anxieties, regrets and other negative emotions trapped in the past and stored as negative programs in our subconscious mind, often prevent positive feeling to surface. Such negative programmes and beliefs can be found at root, released and changed to new  positives ones. This approaches is used in ThetaHealing. ThetaHealing is a energy healing modality that helped a large number of people to heal emotional and physical imbalances and disorders, find inner joy, happiness and harmonious relationships.

Body & Mind

Yoga & Dance Healing

Healthy Body – Healthy Mind. Taking care of your body by exercising, eating healthy – is great. What about your mind? It is proven that stress has huge impact on overall health and wellbeing. Thus, it is essential to find something that benefits both: body and mind. Yoga practice has a perfect combination of cardio, stretch, toning and has positive long lasting effects on your heart, respiratory, endocrine  systems, joints and other organs. Dance Healing is the way to release energy blocks from the Body as well as trauma, negative emotions and  self-limiting believe from the mind.

Fulfilling Life


Ever found yourself at work, but wishing to be elsewhere? Or maybe wanting to grow & develop further but feeling stuck? Our beliefs & perceptions are often conditioned by family, culture and society we live in, causing blocks and barriers to move forward & see our own potential to do what we really want. Holistic Life Coaching approaches every aspect of person’s life – body, mind and soul as a whole. Holistic Coaching helps to remove those blocks & barriers, encourage personal & professional  growth, bring balance in life, find a true life purpose, transform and reach your full potential.

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Sasha Korneeva

Holistic Coach, Yoga & Theta Healing Instructor

“I am grateful that I can help those who are seeking to find Health in their Body, Happiness in their Mind and Light in their Soul,  even if  it is just that one person whose life will change for better”

Click here to read about my background, Yoga and Theta Healing Journey in About me

Sasha Korneeva

Yoga, Holistic Coaching & Healing

“I am grateful that I can help those who are seeking to find Health in their Body, Happiness in their Mind and Light in their Soul,  even if  it is just that one person whose life will change for better”

Click here to read about my background, Yoga and Theta Healing Journey in About me



Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are offered as 

  • Private Yoga Class
  • Group Yoga Class

In Private Classes You will benefit from an individual approach and a tailor made sequence that suits YOU.

Group Yoga classes are a great way to share space and benefits of Yoga with your friends or like-minded individuals.

I teach variety of Yoga styles from Pregnancy Yoga, Restorative, Yin Yang, Vinyasa, Hatha, Power Yoga to Pranayama Breathing techniques. Thus, whatever your needs and preferences are – we will surely find the right combination for you.

Click here to learn about Benefits of Yoga and more details about Yoga classes services 


ThetaHealing can help if You:

  • Feel stressed, overwhelmed, occasionally or constantly fearful & anxious
  • Suffer from emotional traumas, depression, abuse, insecurities or foibas
  • Face trouble in managing your emotions or controlling your  anger & aggression
  • Have issues with love relationships, family & kids;
  • Keep encountering situations in life that bring disappointment, resentment, regrets & other negative feeling
  • Have sleep issues, physical discomforts, health conditions or disorders that related to that

 ThetaHealing sessions are One-to-One and take place at 

  • Balanced Being Now
  • Online

Click here to learn more about benefits and more details about ThetaHealing service

Holistic Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching is a type of Life Coaching that addresses the issue and it’s resolution from a “wholeness” perspective of self: the unity of SOUL BODY MIND. 

It helps with:

  • Release of blocks and barriers that slows down your Development and Growth personally & professionally;
  • Self-Discovery and identification & development of own Talents & Potential;
  • Finding your Life purpose and life goals & it;s implementation in all aspects of your life.
  • Making Life changing decisions or coping with change.
  • Finding work-life balance and  more fulfilling life;
  • Harmonious relationships personally & professionally;
  • Release of root causes of stress and pressure, fears of moving forward and feeling of being stuck;
  • Unblocking your creativity and it’s expression. 

Balanced Being Now Holistic Life Coaching session combines  elements of consultation & ThetaHealing, which allow you to get deeper into the root cause of an issue, remove blocks &  barriers and open a new perspective that will lead to your shift & transformation.

Holistic Life Coaching sessions are One-to-Oe and take place at

  • Balanced Being Now 
  • Online

Click here to learn more about benefits and more details about Holistic Life Coaching service

ThetaHealing Courses

ThetaHealing courses offer a range of  certification levels that will help those, who wants to learn how to:

  • Self-heal and self help
  • Heal others and help them to resolve their problems
  • Become fully aware of your own self, your reactions & emotions
  • Identify & Change your perceptions and beliefs 
  • Develop your Intuition and intuitive abilities
  • Expand your mind, open to unknown & create the life you want

ThetaHealing cortication levels offered:

  • Basic DNA
  • Advance DNA
  • Dig Deeper
  • Relationship: You & Your Partner
  • Relationship: You & The Creator
  • Relationship: You & Your inner Circle
  • Relationship: You & Earth

All the courses contain of tuition, theory, practice, course manuals. Courses can be arranged as private tuition, and provide you with flexibility in arrangements of dates time and location.

Dance Healing

Combining Theta Healing and Dance Movement we go deep inside ourselves to re-connect with our Soul Body Mind and find the inner Joy, Love and Harmony.

Open up to new possibilities, Unleash your True Self and Embody your Soul with this guided conscious DANCE HEALING practice.

Group Dance Healing

One-to-One Dance Healing

Online Dance Healing

Click here to learn more about Dance Healing 

Yoga Classes

Yoga styles taught: Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Dynamic, Restorative, Pregnancy, Post-Natal.  Breathing, Meditation

Holistic Coaching

Unlocking potential, Development & Growth, Life Purpose, Work Life Balance, Relations, Creating & Expressing, Self-discovery

Theta Healing

Release of fears & anxiety, foibas, Depression, Traumas, Energy blocks, Improving Relationships, Emotions management, Self-help, Finding Joy & Happiness, Manifestation

Dance Healing

Happy Easy Joyful

Let in to Let out, Inner Freedom, Self-Love, Unlock Your Potential, Truthful, Free Flow, Self-Confidence

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Self Confidence
Harmony & Balance
Self Awareness
Healthy Body & Mind


 What are the benefits?

Yoga is a way to be fit, balanced and healthy. Yoga is a lifestyle. Yoga helps improve flexibility, build strength, balance internal body systems, as well as distress, detox and relax. Click here to read more about Yoga benefits.

ThetaHealing enables you to experience vast transformation on a physical, psychological, and spiritual level, and empowering you to live a life of Balance and Harmony. Click here to read more about ThetaHealing benefits.

Holistic Life Coaching helps to develop self-awareness, understand root causes and resolve major life issues. You will also be introduced to many tools that you can use on your own to further your spiritual, personal and professional  development on a daily basis. Click here to learn more about Holistic Coaching

Dance Healing is easy and joyful way to release negative feeling and  believes about the Self. It is a beautiful way to be your Trueself without judgement or criticism. This Healing practice helps to connect to the body, become conscious of your inner world, build self-confidence, shift to higher vibrations, uplift your spirits and discover what else is possible. Click here to learn more about Dance Healing

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I am totally blessed to work with Sasha, she is so empathetic and companionate by nature and can feel you before you even find words to express. She is certainly a healer by birth. Her approach is gentle, direct, filled with kindness and highly intuitive.

Anna Ozturk
Thetahealer & Essential oil Specialist

I have not had experience with Theta prior to my session with Sasha. I didn’t know what to expect hoping however, to find some emotional release from a childhood trauma, that has been holding me back for years.

Sasha is gentle, ethical and supportive as she facilitates the healing. I was comfortable sharing my ever neglected pain. Sasha truly listened and together we worked out the focus of healing. I came out refreshed, light and happy. I highly recommend the Theta work with Sasha if you need help with issues that you cant let go of. She is truly amazing!

M. Lavda
Finance Professional

Sessions with Sasha changed my life. Can’t say that in the beginning of the journey I had certain goals and tasks, but in the process of work I identified the anchors that slows down my development.  I did nothing and excused myself by tonnes of reasons. We worked on part of them and here I am already – not only a woman sitting at home feeing stuck.

I wrote a book, created a support program for women. I am not only thinking of it, I am doing it. Every day I see the result. Though for years I couldn’t get out from that state of being stuck and feeling of meaningless of my efforts. After each session in a space of 3-4 weeks I felt how thoughts change, brain and emotions are not reacting to previous triggers, awareness of that happening around became clearer . It’s like someone switched a program in the brain. Till now I can’t explain how it works. Sessions are different for everyone. But the result exceeds expectations. It’s more effective than work with a psychologist. It is a method of the future based on higher energies, that today everyone can feel. Thank you Sasha.


Truly amazing! We had a virtual session with Sasha over zoom call and it was truly wonderful! Despite not being able to meet (we live in different countries), we had no trouble connecting and Sasha introduced me to many tools that I can use on my own to further my spiritual development om a daily basis. Those tools helped me in the business as well as personal development. She is a beautiful human being full of light and positive energy. Her powers are truly magical and guidance has been immeasurable. if you are open -minded, ready for positive changes – I highly recommend Sasha for your Theta-session!

Kristina Telnov
Photgrapher, Business Owner

Thank you Sasha! I’ve had a very remarkable theta healing experience. With the soft immersion into the deep past memories, I was able to find out the roots of some of the existing problems that I was not aware of. Just few sessions have helped me to change the negative and destructive “setups”. It brought me deep relief as well as some important answers that have been found during the sessions. I will definitely come back to continue practices. Very grateful to meet such an amazing person and theta healing practitioner.

Marketing Professional

I want to express my gratitude to Sasha for our Yoga Classes. Professionally tailored to my physical level training, attentive approach while practicing yoga poses, benefitted my health, wellbeing and excellent mood! Thank you Sasha!

Nursery Teacher

I highly recommend a Theta Healing session with Sasha. I’m typically a reasonably skeptical person, however have seen the huge shifts in my professional coaching work by doing deep process work, and was curious. In my session with Sasha there was nothing weird, or uncomfortable for a start! She created a very safe environment, I could tell she had been very well trained in a methodology that is highly professional. I would say in my experience it was similar to a very deep guided exploration. The value and impact of the session was huge, I felt really moved by it. I made connections between limiting beliefs that I held, to events in my life that I would not have considered. This increase in awareness gave me some powerful take aways, consciously for sure but I’m also sure that a great part of the impact was less tangible, subconscious yet more powerful. I will be following up with Sasha, and have recommended her to some of my clients, who are looking to continue their self awareness and or spiritual journey. Damian Smith

Damian Smith
CPCC ACC Leadership Coach

Had a great theta healing session with Sasha, that was very useful and constructive. It was a first timer for me. Theta healing offers a good, fast and efficient way into looking into our own self. Through this “reach” one is able to correct personal behaviors and habits that withhold them from achieving their full potential.

Associate Acoustic Consultant

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