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Why do an Emotional Detox? ThetaHealing group meditation.

Usually ThetaHealing takes place as an individual session, and I really wanted to come up with a Healing meditation that can benefit more people, be accessible and can be done in a group. And here we are.

September 26th 2020, Dubai, @balancedbeingnow

What a wonderful morning! Today is a day one of our Energy Healing Circle. We are a group of 6 ladies: Hello – Hello. Nice to meet you, please be seated wherever is comfortable. I feel a question in the air. And at last, someone is asking: What are we going to do? Well. Now try to explain what is ThetaHealing meditation in a few simple words.

Ok. What do we do in order to be healthy? Good food and exercise, right? And what about emotions and their affect on the health of our bodies? Food is energy, and so our emotions, and energy waves have different vibrations that in fact affect our state of being positively or negatively.

  • Negative emotions, such as stress, worries, anxieties and ect. influence the state and function of our internal organs & body systems; and the same way as unhealthy nutrition or life style, such emotions can cause diseases & disorders.
  • Positive feelings such as joy, gratitude, inspiration and other, in turn have wellness affect on the organs of our body, production of hormones, antibodies, stem cells and overall physical function. And by doing so encourage health, longevity, vitality and life force within.

We all heard of, and even tried to do Detox to get rid of body’s toxins. In a way, ThetaHealing group meditation is also a Detox, but more of an emotional one. It aims to release toxic emotions that interconnected to certain organs, and cultivate positive feelings that eventually replace the negative ones deep in the cells.

Ah.. Now its all clear. Lets take off then

Read next blogs on this subject that describes our ThetaHealing meditations and learn more about disfunction of organs and emotions associated to that.

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