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Conflicts – Theta Healing solution

Remember who you truly are

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We are all the same and want the same things – to be happy, live in a nice place, warmth, love, self- realization, development..

When there is a war, conflict or fighting – in a relationship or between countries, it is not us – it is our Ego. It’s our ego that want to prove who is right, who is wrong, who’s fault it is.. it wants to justify, it wants attention, it complains, feels superior or inferior.

 Identification with the Ego Mind is a cause of conflicts, fights, arguments and wars.

I love these lines on ego’s influence in the world from on of my favorite books – “New Earth”

“Some egos know what they want and pursue their aim with ruthless determination. Genghis Khan, Stalin, Hitler to give just a few of the life examples.

The energy of their wanting however creates an opposing energy of equal intensity which at the end leads to their downfall”

Theta Healing helps to stop ego-mind identification

Through Theta Healing we are able to become an observer of our own ego and it’s thoughts, reactions, behavioral  patterns. We start realizing that  our ego is not who we are, it is just a projection of our believes. Stopping identification with Ego mind is one of key steps towards being conscious. 

Re-discover the Self with  Theta Healing technique 

During Theta Healing session we go deep un our subconscious programs and able to release negative, ego- minded and self- limiting believes.       

Then and only then we are able to feel that we are much greater than we thought we are, that our Higher Self has so much more potential, resources and power that accessible and available to us, may we choose to leave the ego behind.

Once we connect to our Higher Self and become our Soul – then we are able to see the Soul in another person. Suddenly our wanting for more, to be right, to blame or to prove someone wrong – no linger matters. We start feeling compassion towards people and seeing them for who they are without their egos.

And once there are no egos – there are no conflicts. Souls are one and want to same things.

Love, Peace, Happiness and Joy. 

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