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The Chapter Before Theta Healing And Holistic Life Coach In Dubai

I was not always like this. I also went through my own story to be where I am at.

My journey has lots of different chapters, and one chapter specifically leads me to Theta Healing.

In 2015 the progression of my eye condition became moderate to fast. I was working in an environment of constant pressure and stress, performing duties I was not in harmony with. As the years went by, I was trapped between sleepless nights due to small kids and worrying about my husband who suffered from depression and anxiety post his brain surgery.

I was in a state of unconscious defense against myself and the world, denial & wearing a mask called “I am fine”, though I wasn’t. I never considered any therapy or even open up to anyone about my suffering, even myself. Theta Healing or Holistic life coach in Dubai were not even considered, as I “did not need them”

I avoided any talks with my partner who witnessed me being depressed, aggressive, and unloving. I blamed others: him, my disease, work, family as it was “their fault”.

I was running away from home, seeking to fill the emptiness with something from outside.

I was unable to receive Love or give Love, I simply couldn’t feel any of it.

The Chatter After Theta Healing and Holistic life coach in Dubai:

Until there was a friend, a Theta healer, who came into my life out of BLUE. I could open up to her and accept that there was something I struggled with.

Acceptance of my own issues, problems, suffering and desire to change them – was begging for healing. The rest – working on myself, learning ThetaHealing was a natural path to further healing.

The amount of Theta Healing sessions I had during my courses and the Holistic life coach in Dubai I met on my Journey – helped me to heal and find inner Peace and Balance. The feeling of being wholesome, irrespective of the state of my eye condition or relationship that was ruined at that moment in time. I realized one thing – that all I wish for is to be happy and have a happy family, and relationship, be a good mother and add value to the world around me.

And the moment when my heart opened to Love and was filled with Love was a turning point. There was the inner knowledge that this Love is to be shared with ALL, and this IS my Soul purpose, the whole point of me being here.

Have faith in Healing. Theta Healing and Holistic life coach in Dubai:

Once I let go of all the attachments to the result of Theta Healing and started to live my life in line with my purpose, feel healed already in my whole being, despite the physical the healing came – my vision stabilized, the relation and family was reunited in a new chapter and my long-hidden dicers to your dance in healing to development of my own healing modality. Have faith in God, healing and yourself – there is a way to heal. My way was Theta Healing. What is yours?

Sending Love, Light & Healing to those who most need it right now.

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