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Use Theta Healing to find your Zen

Zen is not a place – it is a state of being.

We are often looking for places to find Zen, while Zen is within.

Zen is a state of meditative calm in which one uses direct, intuitive insights as a way of thinking and acting.

So how do we get there? 

There are various ways of getting to a state of peaceful and calm being.

Yoga & Meditation path

One of them is through Yoga.

Yoga is a preparation for meditation practice, and even though it may seem as only physical – it is very much aimed to lead you towards Zen feeling. Shavadana that  is at the end of the Yoga practice is a glimpse of what silencing the mind  is about, so is the yoga flow itself gradually becomes moving meditation.

Meditation practice is another way and is usually done by sitting in one place with no thoughts. That may sound easy however for most who tried it – that takes years to practice. Results are amazing, as it teaches your to consciously become an observer of your thoughts and feelings and therefore control them and direct then towards peaceful and calm feeling of Zen. 

An alternative path – Theta Healing

I found a different way to reach Zen and that is through Theta Healing. With Theta Healing we are able to get rid of the root causes of thoughts, worries and feelings that are preventing us from feeling calm and peaceful in the first place.

Thus if we feel worried about our future – then such fears will lead to certain thought patterns and emotions that attract worrying situations in our life and this way add to our worries. 

Once we look into the core issues and what really causes such anxiety,  we realize that this fear was mainly formed in the past by our own / someone’s  negative experience or have been passed genetically / through group consciousness and somehow serves us.

Theta Healing is the way

With Theta Healing technique that helps us  shift instantly by releasing such fears at the root and replacing them with positive downloads of feeling safe and at peace within.

Such new programs allow us to stop having those negative thought patterns in our mind and naturally start feeling Zen instead. Hence this inner Zen becomes a new state of being and can be felt anywhere at any time. 

And this is when Zen becomes a feeling and not a place.  

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