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Can Theta Healing help with Relationships?

Relationship is a Journey of constant Growth, Discovery and Joy

It is a space where you love, are loved and fully accept one another. In a relationship you are not a half and making each other complete, you are both being complete on our own, having your own paths and choosing to share a life Journey together.

The purpose of being in a relationship – is Co-Creation.

Co-creation of moments, abundance, family, experiences, pleasure.

Key points to Harmony through Theta Healing

Here are some of the key points to a harmonious life together and how Theta Healing can help with that:

Alignment. Being aligned on what you want out of this relationships.If one side desire to have children and another one is not, or one wants to live in a country and another one is only settled for city life – then more likely it will not last, as it will create frustrations. Thus aligning on your wanting from the beginning will help to avoid that. 

Acceptance. And being truthful. If for any reason you are not feeling yourself in a couple and feel that you have to play a role – then it will back fire at some point. This might happen because of inability to accept yourself they way you are, being critical of self, not feeling good enough and therefore fears of intimacy, sharing your feelings showing your true self to others. Theta Healing helps a lot on removing such believes and teaches us how to feel worthy.   Once we accept ourselves fully we will be able to accept another as they are and by such encourage them to be truthful also.  

Self- Love. That should move to the 1st point really as if someone is not able to love themselves unconditionally, how then another person will love them? Lack of self-love creates neediness and dependance on other for love. Theta Healing has wonderful tools and meditations that help to open the heart and the Love within. Love is an internal feeling that is inside us, and we feel that feeling towards ourselves, what in turn will attract Love in our life.

Giving and Receiving. Often there is one person in a relationship that give but unable to receive, and hence feels being taken advantage of. Some believes are. Blocking us from receiving love, help , support and affection. This can bring lots of resentment in a couple as one side will always feel that they give so much but nothing is returned to them. Here Theta Healing  might help in working on various believes like I don’t deserve to be loved, if I accept help – I am weak, if I am supported – I will have to pay back, I have to please others and similar. This work is fundamental to establish a balanced flow of giving and receiving in a couple.

Releasing past hurts, traumas and experiences through Theta Healing

The important point is being open to being with someone in a first place. Sometime the fear of loosing freedom, or break up, or past hurt may prevent a person to be in a relationship. Thus someone will avoid love to protect themselves. Working on your own fears , and letting go of previous hurts through Theta Healing will open up to new loving relationships or improve your current one.

Relationship is a choice and feels natural. Always remember – your are worthy of loving relationships and it is possible to find that some who also wants the same relationship as you do. 

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