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Stop early aging through Theta Healing

We are as Old or Young as we feel we are. Time and age is psychological, i.e it is linked to our PERCEPTION.

Our cells are constantly renewing themselves so they don’t get “old”, this is how our bones has the ability to renew themselves every 8 years, so there is nothing like “aging bones”

Theta Healing is a way to find a root cause of aging

Early aging is mainly due to our believes. This is how there are people who at their age look and behave older than they are.

Believes are linked to our conditioning – if we are told as kids that at certain age we should look a certain way, choose an activity or clothiers that is “age appropriate”, that our body metabolism will change and that loosing weight will be very hard – than as children – we believe that, especially if our own parents and the whole community/ culture where we grow up confirm that same.

Another believe can be linked to lack of self love and feeling that after the marriage & kids – we have to forget about ourselves and focus on others.

Genetic believes can also be the reason. There is a very common one along ladies : “ look at the mother to know how her daughter will look like in 20years”

There are plenty of these that have an effect on our physical and mental projection.

Clear self-limiting believes with Theta Healing

The key is to clear yourself from those believes and reset to a new wave – the energy of Youth and Vitality.

Then connect to your body more, give Nutrition and Movement that it needs, do yoga & meditate, or do activities you always wanted to do. Laugh, smile, take time and care for Self, live, experience and enjoy

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