Balanced Being Now

Embody the Change with Theta Healing

Give a BODY to a spirit of CHANGE We often wish for things to be different, we manifest for our dreams to come true and then when the energy starts shifting and change is knocking on the door, suddenly a resistance to change takes over.. Most of the times this resistance is linked to our…

Stop early aging through Theta Healing

We are as Old or Young as we feel we are. Time and age is psychological, i.e it is linked to our PERCEPTION. Our cells are constantly renewing themselves so they don’t get “old”, this is how our bones has the ability to renew themselves every 8 years, so there is nothing like “aging bones”…

Manage Anxiety & Panic attacks – Theta Healing way

How Theta Healing can help During Theta Healing session  we switch to Alfa and then Theta brain wave – a calmer and more of a meditative state. This alone already helps to train the brain to move out of a high range beta  wave, which helps a lot to have a clearer and calmer mind.    Then…

Can Theta Healing help with Relationships?

It is a space where you love, are loved and fully accept one another. In a relationship you are not a half and making each other complete, you are both being complete on our own, having your own paths and choosing to share a life Journey together. The purpose of being in a relationship -…

Use Theta Healing to find your Zen

Zen is not a place – it is a state of being. We are often looking for places to find Zen, while Zen is within. Zen is a state of meditative calm in which one uses direct, intuitive insights as a way of thinking and acting. So how do we get there?  There are various…

The Chapter Before Theta Healing And Holistic Life Coach In Dubai

I was not always like this. I also went through my own story to be where I am at. My journey has lots of different chapters, and one chapter specifically leads me to Theta Healing. In 2015 the progression of my eye condition became moderate to fast. I was working in an environment of constant…

Claim Your Positive Changes With Theta Healing In Dubai

Remember, we only have one energy, and we have a choice of how to use our energy. If we focus on the negative – the energy is used for that, if we direct towards the positive – then it is used in a positive way. As our energy is linked to our emotions and each…

Conflicts – Theta Healing solution

Remember who you truly are We are all the same and want the same things – to be happy, live in a nice place, warmth, love, self- realization, development.. When there is a war, conflict or fighting – in a relationship or between countries, it is not us – it is our Ego. It’s our…

Make A Major Difference In Life With Alternative Healing In Dubai

There are collective beliefs that make us feel and think otherwise. Giving is commonly considered that if we give we will have less of what we have. How does Theta Healing help to give? Theta Healing is a powerful technique that helps to step out of the group consciousness.With Theta Healing we can also understand…

Creating New Reality With Energy Healing in Dubai

We constantly create our reality by sending signals to the universe through our thoughts and feeding. The majority of the time we create unconsciously without even knowing that. How many times do you come across situations, objects, words or people that you might have thought of a short while before? You might have called it a…


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