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Embody the Change with Theta Healing

Give a BODY to a spirit of CHANGE

We often wish for things to be different, we manifest for our dreams to come true and then when the energy starts shifting and change is knocking on the door, suddenly a resistance to change takes over..

Most of the times this resistance is linked to our subconscious conditioning and believes as well as fears that rooted deep and get triggered by situation of CHANGE.

Causes of resistance and their release through Theta Healing

One of the most common fears is of the unknown. We get so used to our routine, our comfort zone, our known that even a thought of these will be no more – scares us.

Theta Healing can help here to get to the possible past or genetic experiences that lead us to think and react this way, as well as give us different perception and a picture of how the future can be.

Another cause of resistance is attachments. This may seem the hardest to over come as it is only so natural to feel attached to certain people, relationships, places or even belongings. Theta Healing is a great tool to flip our view on such attachments and realize that in reality nothing here is permanent, neither it belongs to us, including our own body.

Theta Healing also helps to realize that without leaving certain things behind we might not get the new things and experiences in.

As for the people and relationships – those ones that meant to be in our life – they stay, as the energy that connected us in the first place has no dimension of distance or time. Just think of people that you have not been in contact with for years and if you meet them today – it is like nothing changed between you.

Thera Healing also helps us to change our vibrational energy field, that effortlessly attracts new friendships and soul mates into our life as we move forward.

Use Theta Healing as a tool to welcome change

Hence it is all about connecting to the ability to welcome change without resistance, by trusting that whatever is happening now is one of the steps towards where we want to and meant to be. It is all about connecting to the FLOW, by surrendering to the greater plan that all of us have.

Working on our subconscious believes by using Theta Healing methods – helps us to spot and release the resistance and allows us to embody the new ENERGY that opens up doors to new chapters and lets us flow through the change effortlessly.

Theta Healing

Theta Healing as a tool to inner peace, balance and joy

Quite often we tend to seek for places where feel at peace. We travel across the world, to be away from our “reality” and struggle once we have to go back to our “real life”

Feels familiar?

I have been there myself..

How Theta Healing helped me

Going through ThetaaHealing course was the best investment in myself. It is a conscious choice of releasing negative programs and beliefs that prevented me to appreciate what I have, where I am and who I am.

Next step was – Gratitude. I started my daily meditations, where I would leave my body for 15 minutes first thing in the morning to become no one, to be no where. Then in my mind I expressed Gratitude towards everything that I appreciate, thanking for the inner peace, balance and joy flowing into my life.

By bringing awareness in my heart, I could physically feel all these feelings already. This powerful charge with all these positive feelings had lasting affect through out the day, despite that my personal situation was far from being joyful.

And I continued this meditation every day – and I still do. It worked! My personal issues got resolved, the feeling of peace and balance is now within, I no longer feel the urge to run away and search externally – I am simply happy what I have and what I am still to have, where I am, where I am supposed to get to, with who I am and who I meant to be.

Creating Heaven on Earth

The key is to build such sanctuary within and feel balanced and peaceful wherever we are at any given time. Then we no longer depend on finding an external oasis of peace and tranquility – the whole Earth becomes a sanctuary

Heaven exist – we are creating such heaven on Earth by the way we feel and act, by becoming our own journey filled with wonder, kindness, compassion and joy

Theta Healing

Finding Freedom through Theta Healing.

Photo by Jackson David on Pexels.com

Free will is your birthright. You are Free to choose what to feel. Remember this every time you catch yourself thinking about past regrets, resentments, hurts or about that someone that “made” you angry, upset, unworthy, beautiful, loved, happy and so on..

Who is feeling?

You are!

That feeling of anger, vulnerability, being unloved, not listened to, respected, worthy, balanced – it comes from You. Therefore You can change it, by choosing and focusing more on what you want to feel.

Negative feeling might be deeply rooted in our subconscious mind, and here You also have a choice to seek for help from books, courses, Healers and Coaches who can guide you how to shift towards balanced being : Your inner joy, peace and harmony.

Freedom is having a choice.

You can choose what to feel

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Thetahealing in Dubai

Thetahealing In Dubai – Handle Your Stress And Anxiety

With every day passing in human life every individual is getting more stressed. The stress levels are increasing on professionals working in a company and businessmen. Every time when you get stressed and anxiety know that it is stopping you from success in your career. Knowing how to enjoy life is simple but with the stress, we make it complicated to handle life.

It is reported that the stress and anxiety among the workers are increased than ever in recent times. Be it challenges in work or handling work as well as personal life, individuals feel that it is difficult to handle life. If you are in this situation, then you must handle the stress and anxiety wisely to lead a happy life.

There are many ways through which you can handle it. One of the best ways to overcome your emotional imbalance is by using the Thetahealing in Dubai. This is the best way through which you can tackle and anxiety in a supportive, uplift and unique way. Life is fast-paced that most of us forget to concentrate on our health and wellbeing. If you wish to get support from the therapist then you must look for the Thetahealing for anxiety.

Is Thetahealing in Dubai for anxiety is helpful?

The Thetahealing in Dubai is the best, fast and effective therapy which will help you achieve drastic changes in a short time. Thetahealing is the emotional healing technique that focuses on the process and addressing the negative emotional attachments.

Especially if you have any traumatic memories stores in your subconscious memory then you can use the Thetahealing for anxiety to handle it. This support can be done only by trained and experienced professionals. This is done by accessing the theta brainwave through the meditation as well as with the energy.

How does the Thetahealing help you?

If you are facing any emotional challenges then it is important to take the Thetahealing so that you can face it. Whether you are facing anxiety, depression, stress, or any other emotional challenges you can use the Thetahealing to overcome it. This emotional imbalance can be due to lack of confidence in life, abusive relationship, the stress in life, and so on. If you truly wish to handle it then all you need is to take the Thetahealing for anxiety.

In the Thetahealing it is said that everything is constructed on one’s belief and own natural intuition. Hence your thoughts, opinions, and ideas will be balanced to create your divine reality. During this session of Thetahealing, the brain waves will be slowed down and you would enter the deep relaxed mental space. The continuous guidance of the therapist will help you detect your imbalance and overcome it effectively.

Once you have effectively outlined your emotional triggers you would be able to find peace in life and lead a happy life. Hence make sure to use the Thetahealing in Dubai for your personal development and to improve your wellbeing.


Just do it. Getting rid of fear by Thetahealing.

Have you ever experienced going to try something NEW and changing your mind at the last minute? What is the reason for that and how this can be resolved? Here is my resent experience that I wanted to share.

October 3rd, 2020. Motozone, Dubai.

Riding a motorbike was something I wanted to try for a while. However, I did put this idea aside, thinking that it will never happen.

Interestingly though, during my recent Thetahealing session with a fellow Thetahealer (we usually do swap Thetahealing sessions among Thetahealing community), I realised that I had a fear of driving. And this actually was the real reason for staying clear from the wheel, instead of the poor eyesight. This Thetahealing session made me see that self-limiting program and related pattern in life, understand my own reactions and then clear off that fear.

10 days later I get a message from a friend inviting to participate in motorbike ride trial!

Its amazing how it works really! What you desire comes into you life as soon as you clear off your own resistance to it.

Going for it.

Here I am listening to my instructor who is explaining how motorbike works and 2 minutes late I am on a bike. No fear or adrenalin rush, I feel calm and determined. Taking off the clutch – and it moves. I am mindful & relaxed, it feels same way as doing Yoga. Couple rounds in trial grounds, right, left, break, gas – I can do it ! Excited, I thought it is over and I know it all.

Unexpected sabotage.

Next ride was on the sand, and the bike was somehow bigger and scarier. I climb up, my mind starts shooting out familiar fear signals. Doubts and worries appeared bringing a memory of a girl falling off that bike earlier.

However, the is another inner voice saying that everything is alright and I will manage it.

I fell. The bike has not even moved forward. I took off a helmet, feeling that its not for me and I simply can’t do it.

Back to our tent, I see the eyes of girls around me saying – its OK. When I felt that it was indeed OK, the instructor asked if I wanted to give it another try.

Doing it.

This time my mind is clear, I hear and feel the bike, have control of the clutch & accelerator. I catch the momentum to move forward with complete trust. And it is happening! I am riding a motorbike in a desert! With the same feeling of calm and determination, I change gazing points (again here I thought that we do exactly the same way in Yoga). I speed up and with confidence balance the bike on the sand.

What an experience!! Such great feeling of self-achievement and joy!.

Thanks to Thetahealing I allowed myself to experience something NEW that I was previously fearful of. And Yoga definitely helped with the balance!

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