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Embody the Change with Theta Healing

Give a BODY to a spirit of CHANGE

We often wish for things to be different, we manifest for our dreams to come true and then when the energy starts shifting and change is knocking on the door, suddenly a resistance to change takes over..

Most of the times this resistance is linked to our subconscious conditioning and believes as well as fears that rooted deep and get triggered by situation of CHANGE.

Causes of resistance and their release through Theta Healing

One of the most common fears is of the unknown. We get so used to our routine, our comfort zone, our known that even a thought of these will be no more – scares us.

Theta Healing can help here to get to the possible past or genetic experiences that lead us to think and react this way, as well as give us different perception and a picture of how the future can be.

Another cause of resistance is attachments. This may seem the hardest to over come as it is only so natural to feel attached to certain people, relationships, places or even belongings. Theta Healing is a great tool to flip our view on such attachments and realize that in reality nothing here is permanent, neither it belongs to us, including our own body.

Theta Healing also helps to realize that without leaving certain things behind we might not get the new things and experiences in.

As for the people and relationships – those ones that meant to be in our life – they stay, as the energy that connected us in the first place has no dimension of distance or time. Just think of people that you have not been in contact with for years and if you meet them today – it is like nothing changed between you.

Thera Healing also helps us to change our vibrational energy field, that effortlessly attracts new friendships and soul mates into our life as we move forward.

Use Theta Healing as a tool to welcome change

Hence it is all about connecting to the ability to welcome change without resistance, by trusting that whatever is happening now is one of the steps towards where we want to and meant to be. It is all about connecting to the FLOW, by surrendering to the greater plan that all of us have.

Working on our subconscious believes by using Theta Healing methods – helps us to spot and release the resistance and allows us to embody the new ENERGY that opens up doors to new chapters and lets us flow through the change effortlessly.


Make A Major Difference In Life With Alternative Healing In Dubai

There are collective beliefs that make us feel and think otherwise. Giving is commonly considered that if we give we will have less of what we have.

How does Theta Healing help to give?

Theta Healing is a powerful technique that helps to step out of the group consciousness.
With Theta Healing we can also understand and experience the Universal law of Giving and Receiving. The law brings balance to our lives and encourages us live in harmony with one another.

Once we give, gift, help or support someone – we will be given, gifted, helped or supported also.
The key is we give from the heart, unconditionally – without expecting anything back from that person. We give because we want to, it feels right and in harmony with our being.

The Universe then finds a way to gift you back. It usually happens when we least expect it and when we are open to receiving.

Alternative healing in Dubai helps to open up to receiving

Interestingly enough receiving can also be hard for some, as there might be lots of subconscious programs around it.  Very common ones are: I will be obliged to pay back, If I accept the gift – I will have to pay for it, I am not worthy of gifts, I have to do everything myself, Accepting help and support is a sign of weakness and so on.

This is where Theta Healing – the best alternative healing in Dubai is very helpful as we are able to get to the root of our own beliefs that are preventing us from accepting gifts, abundance, help and support from others.

The same way we did for giving – receiving is through the heart, unconditionally and with gratitude. 
By offering someone help, smile, kindness – we instantly receive the same in our space. Offer then someone that you wish to receive.

This is exactly then Giving and Receiving become ONE.


Creating New Reality With Energy Healing in Dubai

We constantly create our reality by sending signals to the universe through our thoughts and feeding. The majority of the time we create unconsciously without even knowing that. How many times do you come across situations, objects, words or people that you might have thought of a short while before? You might have called it a coincidence. Well, that’s what I used to call it, but not anymore.
Manifestation happens irrespective of you fearing something, strongly desiring, not wanting, complaining of, praying for obsessed with.  

Energy healing in Dubai brings clarity and awareness:

Since stepping onto the path of Theta healing & conscious living I am fully aware of what I am feeling and thinking at any moment in time and directing both towards what I want in my life rather than what I don’t want – this is the only way to influence the creation of your reality. 

For example, if there is something I wish for –  then I would focus on visualizing that in my Theta Healing meditations and feel gratitude in my heart for that what I wish coming into my life. I would also feel like I already have it in my reality and feel like it has already happened. This bit may not be easy for some, especially if someone wishes for a soul mate and still feels frustrated about being single. Or desiring wealth and feeling scarcity and struggling to pay the bills.  

As previously said we create with positive thoughts and with negative. Therefore, this is a conscious decision to start focusing on what you wish instead of being frustrated about the lack of it. The feeling is the key – and what you feel and believe – manifests. All these can be handled easily with energy healing in Dubai.

Deliberate Creating through Theta Healing:

As Gregg Braden states in his book “ The Divine Matrix”:

There is a fine line between simply wishing for or choosing the new outcome and actually following thoughts with the thoughts and feelings and beliefs that fully awaken that outcome as a new reality.

To simply say that we are choosing a new reality is not enough – we must become that way of being. We must abandon ourselves to our love for that state, live in the new state and no more in the old state. 

In another word, we must feel like our prayers are already answered and our wishes fulfilled.  
Through energy healing in Dubai, we can clear all the beliefs that block you from experiencing those feelings and anchor the new state of being on a subconscious level. A shift is created as a result, a shift that initiates the creation of your new reality.

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