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Embody the Change with Theta Healing

Give a BODY to a spirit of CHANGE

We often wish for things to be different, we manifest for our dreams to come true and then when the energy starts shifting and change is knocking on the door, suddenly a resistance to change takes over..

Most of the times this resistance is linked to our subconscious conditioning and believes as well as fears that rooted deep and get triggered by situation of CHANGE.

Causes of resistance and their release through Theta Healing

One of the most common fears is of the unknown. We get so used to our routine, our comfort zone, our known that even a thought of these will be no more – scares us.

Theta Healing can help here to get to the possible past or genetic experiences that lead us to think and react this way, as well as give us different perception and a picture of how the future can be.

Another cause of resistance is attachments. This may seem the hardest to over come as it is only so natural to feel attached to certain people, relationships, places or even belongings. Theta Healing is a great tool to flip our view on such attachments and realize that in reality nothing here is permanent, neither it belongs to us, including our own body.

Theta Healing also helps to realize that without leaving certain things behind we might not get the new things and experiences in.

As for the people and relationships – those ones that meant to be in our life – they stay, as the energy that connected us in the first place has no dimension of distance or time. Just think of people that you have not been in contact with for years and if you meet them today – it is like nothing changed between you.

Thera Healing also helps us to change our vibrational energy field, that effortlessly attracts new friendships and soul mates into our life as we move forward.

Use Theta Healing as a tool to welcome change

Hence it is all about connecting to the ability to welcome change without resistance, by trusting that whatever is happening now is one of the steps towards where we want to and meant to be. It is all about connecting to the FLOW, by surrendering to the greater plan that all of us have.

Working on our subconscious believes by using Theta Healing methods – helps us to spot and release the resistance and allows us to embody the new ENERGY that opens up doors to new chapters and lets us flow through the change effortlessly.


Claim Your Positive Changes With Theta Healing In Dubai

Remember, we only have one energy, and we have a choice of how to use our energy.

If we focus on the negative – the energy is used for that, if we direct towards the positive – then it is used in a positive way.

As our energy is linked to our emotions and each emotion calibrates on different energy levels.

For example, emotions of shame, guilt, apathy, fear calibrate on a low vibrational energy level, whereas courage, willingness, love, and peace – are at a higher vibrational level.

Therefore, the feelings that you experience have a direct impact on your energy. 

What can Theta Healing in Dubai do for you?

As the root cause of our emotions is deeply hidden in our subconscious, we might not be even aware or understand why in some situations fear grips us suddenly, or why we feel ashamed or depressed.

Through Theta Healing for anxiety we are able to go deep into our subconscious mind and see the events in life and the root cause of such emotions.

Majority of the time such events took place during our childhood, from conception to around 7-8 years old. During this time a child is predominantly in the Theta brain wave and constantly forms his/her beliefs and perceptions then.

Thus once we found the cause of our subconscious emotions and reactions – we can then release them through Theta Healing in Dubai.

Using Theta Healing for anxiety to shift the energy

Once we release negative emotions and their cause from the subconscious through Theta Healing for anxiety method – then we are able to replace them with positive emotions and programs. Then the level of energy is shifted towards higher vibrations. In another word, we remove whatever keeps our energy at low levels and direct it towards higher levels of energy. 

We can either focus on negative aspects: fighting, conflicts, being upset, blaming or choose to focus on positive – being kind, loving, taking care of ourselves and others. From this space, we can use this Theta Healing in Dubai to add value and create new life.

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