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Embody the Change with Theta Healing

Give a BODY to a spirit of CHANGE

We often wish for things to be different, we manifest for our dreams to come true and then when the energy starts shifting and change is knocking on the door, suddenly a resistance to change takes over..

Most of the times this resistance is linked to our subconscious conditioning and believes as well as fears that rooted deep and get triggered by situation of CHANGE.

Causes of resistance and their release through Theta Healing

One of the most common fears is of the unknown. We get so used to our routine, our comfort zone, our known that even a thought of these will be no more – scares us.

Theta Healing can help here to get to the possible past or genetic experiences that lead us to think and react this way, as well as give us different perception and a picture of how the future can be.

Another cause of resistance is attachments. This may seem the hardest to over come as it is only so natural to feel attached to certain people, relationships, places or even belongings. Theta Healing is a great tool to flip our view on such attachments and realize that in reality nothing here is permanent, neither it belongs to us, including our own body.

Theta Healing also helps to realize that without leaving certain things behind we might not get the new things and experiences in.

As for the people and relationships – those ones that meant to be in our life – they stay, as the energy that connected us in the first place has no dimension of distance or time. Just think of people that you have not been in contact with for years and if you meet them today – it is like nothing changed between you.

Thera Healing also helps us to change our vibrational energy field, that effortlessly attracts new friendships and soul mates into our life as we move forward.

Use Theta Healing as a tool to welcome change

Hence it is all about connecting to the ability to welcome change without resistance, by trusting that whatever is happening now is one of the steps towards where we want to and meant to be. It is all about connecting to the FLOW, by surrendering to the greater plan that all of us have.

Working on our subconscious believes by using Theta Healing methods – helps us to spot and release the resistance and allows us to embody the new ENERGY that opens up doors to new chapters and lets us flow through the change effortlessly.

Theta Healing

Theta Healing as a tool to inner peace, balance and joy

Quite often we tend to seek for places where feel at peace. We travel across the world, to be away from our “reality” and struggle once we have to go back to our “real life”

Feels familiar?

I have been there myself..

How Theta Healing helped me

Going through ThetaaHealing course was the best investment in myself. It is a conscious choice of releasing negative programs and beliefs that prevented me to appreciate what I have, where I am and who I am.

Next step was – Gratitude. I started my daily meditations, where I would leave my body for 15 minutes first thing in the morning to become no one, to be no where. Then in my mind I expressed Gratitude towards everything that I appreciate, thanking for the inner peace, balance and joy flowing into my life.

By bringing awareness in my heart, I could physically feel all these feelings already. This powerful charge with all these positive feelings had lasting affect through out the day, despite that my personal situation was far from being joyful.

And I continued this meditation every day – and I still do. It worked! My personal issues got resolved, the feeling of peace and balance is now within, I no longer feel the urge to run away and search externally – I am simply happy what I have and what I am still to have, where I am, where I am supposed to get to, with who I am and who I meant to be.

Creating Heaven on Earth

The key is to build such sanctuary within and feel balanced and peaceful wherever we are at any given time. Then we no longer depend on finding an external oasis of peace and tranquility – the whole Earth becomes a sanctuary

Heaven exist – we are creating such heaven on Earth by the way we feel and act, by becoming our own journey filled with wonder, kindness, compassion and joy


ThetaHealing group meditation Day 1. Focus on Viruses, Bacteria &, Parasites.

And here we are, all seated comfortably, some on the sofa, some on the chairs. Interestingly enough how word “meditation” is often associated with sitting in a “lotus” pose, or a Yogi sitting at the top of a mountain and ect.. In reality everything is so much easier! As long as you find a relatively quiet place, where you could sit comfortably for around 45 minutes, that should do. Thus, our phones are turned off, eyes closed and we start from breathing.

It is amazing how couple of deep breaths in quickly allow us to calm down, focus and arrive to a present moment without thinking of what happened before or will happen after. Then I start guiding the group through a brief visualisation that is used in ThetaHealing to change the brain waves from Beta to Alfa and then eventfully reach Theta. While in Theta brain waves, also associated with altered, trans or hypnotic state, it become possible to access our subconscious mind, where our experiences & emotions form and store programs & beliefs, that drive our day to day behaviours, attitude and actions. From here we start our travel to each cell of the body, going through each body system, stopping on our way by certain organs to balance their function.

ThetaHealing Meditation’s focus

Today’s focus is to understand viruses, bacteria and parasites, that co-exist inside our bodies. We wouldn’t get rid of bacteria as some are useful to us and help some systems, like digestion, to function properly. What is it then that make the useful ones to turn into harmful? Mainly it is due to negative programs associated with guilt feelings. Worthiness issues are affecting the spread of viruses. Feeling of being used is linked to parasites. There might be other emotions as well, that depends on the organ where harmful bacteria or viruses are.

In order to shift and balance them, we seek for any traces of emotions linked to the following

Programs & beliefs:

  • I am not good enough
  • Everyone is better than me
  • People suck me dry
  • People take advantage of me
  • Its always my fault

The we slowly start releasing those negative feeling by breathing them out from each cells of the body and instead begin breathing in new positive emotions and programs such as:

  • I know how unique are my body & soul and that I am unique
  • I know how it feels like to love myself
  • I know that I am worthy
  • I know how to see and accept my own talents &, skills
  • I know how to forgave myself and live without blaming myself
  • I know how to say “no” and set healthy binderies
  • I know how to feel limitless energy within and share it with others without fear of loosing it.

We take time for these new feelings to settle in and fill our hearts with gratitude towards anyone or anything that we wish to feel such gratitude for. That brings so much energy of unconditional love in our circle, so we slowly begin to move this energy from one to another. This is one of my favourite ThetaHealing meditation exercise that allow each person in a circle to give & receive. With this wonderful feelings within and temperature in the room a few degrees warmer – we are complete!

The best moment is to open the eyes after such intensive ThetaHealing meditation and simply smile, suddenly being way closer to each other that an hour ago.


Why do an Emotional Detox? ThetaHealing group meditation.

Usually ThetaHealing takes place as an individual session, and I really wanted to come up with a Healing meditation that can benefit more people, be accessible and can be done in a group. And here we are.

September 26th 2020, Dubai, @balancedbeingnow

What a wonderful morning! Today is a day one of our Energy Healing Circle. We are a group of 6 ladies: Hello – Hello. Nice to meet you, please be seated wherever is comfortable. I feel a question in the air. And at last, someone is asking: What are we going to do? Well. Now try to explain what is ThetaHealing meditation in a few simple words.

Ok. What do we do in order to be healthy? Good food and exercise, right? And what about emotions and their affect on the health of our bodies? Food is energy, and so our emotions, and energy waves have different vibrations that in fact affect our state of being positively or negatively.

  • Negative emotions, such as stress, worries, anxieties and ect. influence the state and function of our internal organs & body systems; and the same way as unhealthy nutrition or life style, such emotions can cause diseases & disorders.
  • Positive feelings such as joy, gratitude, inspiration and other, in turn have wellness affect on the organs of our body, production of hormones, antibodies, stem cells and overall physical function. And by doing so encourage health, longevity, vitality and life force within.

We all heard of, and even tried to do Detox to get rid of body’s toxins. In a way, ThetaHealing group meditation is also a Detox, but more of an emotional one. It aims to release toxic emotions that interconnected to certain organs, and cultivate positive feelings that eventually replace the negative ones deep in the cells.

Ah.. Now its all clear. Lets take off then

Read next blogs on this subject that describes our ThetaHealing meditations and learn more about disfunction of organs and emotions associated to that.

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